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Current misguided thinking by our political leaders

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I think he congressman is crazy since I been taking beunorphine I have been able to be off opioids and not have any sickness from opioid use or sick and seeking opioids. I am able to function as a normal person and actually have a life worth living I work, keep house care for my family including my husband, mother in law and grand daughter and work two days a week outside my home. I’m grateful for telemedicine and being able to remain off opioids for over two years.

Congressman Lynch stated that patients would leave the clinic and procede to trade their Suboxone for more powerful drugs. I don’t understand why anyone with those “stronger” drugs would trade for Suboxone.
Suboxone doesn’t work to make you high…it stops the craving. So if they trade the stronger meds,drugs, what would they do with, or who would they sell the suboxone to?

Excellent comments Jeffrey. Clearly the Congressman is full of misinformation. The question is, who put that ridiculous information in his head and why? Why not just give him the truth?

Exactly..It’s stated “The truth shall set you free”. I wish that were true for those in positions
of power .Who supposedly are looking out for the rest of us.
Thank you for your work and offering the means to get my life back.

We are very close to the final truth. We have the Catecholamine levels. Watch all the videos on this website.
And now we have DNA on 7 of the 15 participants. And we are running the DNA for the methylation.
We expect that this DNA analysis will show that the hyper methylation is associated with the loss of control of the internal organs.

This would be a total game changer. Thanks.

Dr. Smith let me start by saying a heart felt thank you for everything you are doing and all of your hard work/research that you and your team are providing for us so that we get the correct diagnosis instead of “it’s in the Brain it a brain disease” full of bologna. Also congressman lynch is full of misleading information and bologna and the so called expert/so called Dr. that commented with congressman lynch about so called “opioid addiction” being in the Brain is so misinformed and clearly doesn’t know anything about the correct diagnosis and doesn’t need to be in any health practice. I think I speak for all of us when I say thank you so much for giving us our lives back and the correct diagnosis and soon ending the awful stigma around Suboxone and autonomic disfunction. You sir are changing the entire world and how they see so called “opioid addiction” again from the bottom of my heart thank you.

The Congressmen and Congresswomen will not have the best interest of me or those like me on their minds, as long as the lobbying practices continue to be tolerated the way they are. I am proud of the research Dr Bea and Dr Smith has done. However, until the Congress and others fail to recognize and act on this proven research, they are going to skip around narrative and diminish the hopes of many. Thank you for this research by the way!

I am the wife of a patient in this program, as well as myself! I would like to comment on the video & the statement made by the congressman “Forbes” 1st of all, we all know that saboxin is prescribed for opiate users wanting to find sobriety & get their lives back to normal! The comments made about patients walking out of saboxin clinics & trading their meds. for fentanyl or methamphetamines is not based on everyone 1st of all… When u start a saboxin program, every addict knows that u will be asked what is ur doc- “Drug of choice”? If ur doc is meth, saboxin is not a medication for you, & ur Dr. should tell you that from the beginning of your treatment… We as people, we have the right to be heard & the right to get help! I started opiates cause of a car accident, & then I was of course just cut off of my pain meds. & I had no clue what was going on with the sickness & myself going & looking opiates on the streets! I am a mom, grandma, sister, daughter, & actually work in the medical field myself! I realized that this was getting way to much for me to handle, & seeked help & I’ve seen other outpatient Dr’s. For saboxin & I will say that bupe. me has helped me out & my husband, that also was involved in the car accident plus fell from a 15ft. building & broke his ankles, etc. & I have lupus & this program has taught us both so much about r genetics, & the damage we did do to r brains & Dr. Smith has been amazing teaching us both about this! We have been able to find so much happiness & joy in r lives now & without saboxin honestly, I don’t know where the 2 of us would be now. I hate to say this & we both bless God every day that we have woke up & we r alive! We have lost a lot of r friends from overdoses, & the whole point of this medication is to help you if you want help!!! You have guidelines u follow, & if ur treatment Dr. Is following up with you & you r doing what you r supposed to do I promise you, saboxin will help you not harm you! If someone decides to go out & use another drug, that is on them! Violence & all kinds of things go wrong daily, & for Forbes to blame it on saboxin how dare you! My famous saying, if you r trying to loose weight r u going to move beside a Dunkin donuts? No! U choose ur battles, & u fight them the way u choose to! Diabetics need insulin, some people will need saboxin! A ? I have for Forbes! If u r so against saboxin, how do I feel about giving liquid methadone to pregnant women? What is ur thrleory on that Mr. Forbes? Thank you all at buoe. Me & from a wife to a grandma, this program is awesome & my husband is doing great & has over 3 years of just amazing progress!

Clearly the Congressman does not have a clue how the illicit opioid/amphetamine markets operate and his comments confirm this statement. His statement that “we’re getting people off of one drug an onto another” has no merit given his example of people being “handed out suboxone by clinics” and walking out and trading the suboxone for fent or meth. Take suboxone out of this equation and you STILL HAVE PEOPLE ON DANGEROUS DRUGS!!! His inclusion of suboxone into his little fairy tale was clearly an attempt to discredit this life saving medicine and to deliver misinformation to the public simultaneously. Seriously, at least educate yourself before you speak and use your position of power to do good instead of spreading an agenda based on falsehoods. It made my blood boil watching it the first time, but after watching it twice in today’s meeting I had to come by and vent! Thank you so much Dr. Smith (and team) for being a man of facts and of Truth. Keep up the great work!

Thank you Mr Smith for seeking true information for what is actually happening to us former opioid addicted people I appreciate all your work as well as the Doctors, nurses, chaplains, and people that are behind the scenes for all you folks do to help people like me gain my life back!!! Job well done and highly appreciated

Dr. Smith… I would just like to say thank you for caring about people enough to do the research and proving to the world several things… 1) that one person can make a difference in the world… 2) that not everything you read in print isn’t always the truth… 3) that some people in positions of authority are competent… and 4) not everything is as it seems… I am not what the world would consider an intelligent person but I understand enough of your hypothesis to know what you have proven makes more sense than anyone else… I have watched first hand someone near and dear to me absolutely suffer to a degree that I feared he would not live through stopping opioids… after several days of abstinence from opioids he finally fell asleep and his body seized so horribly that I was scared he would never wake up… to just thank you seems so trivial compared to what you have discovered to save so many of our loved ones… the three people you name who are responsible for the opioid crisis should be held accountable and made to experience the “withdrawal” themselves like the Bible says “an eye for an eye” and only then will they understand the extent of the suffering they have caused…

I’m simply going to express my feelings on this situation I have injuries to my back which I was prescribed narcotic pain pills which worked great at first and they became less and less effective so it took stronger medication just to keep me going then the FDA cracked down on the doctors which made them lower my medication and I could barely tolerate the pain eventually my doctor left for another job which put me in a situation where I could not get my pain medication that I was definitely addicted to or at least I thought I didn’t know it was changing my DNA but I do know it left me so sick I could not get out of bed and even my eyebrows hurt if you can believe that I suffered for almost 5 days hoping to feel better it continually got worse someone told me they could get me my medication from the street I purchased what I thought was a 30 mg oxycodone it happened to be a fake that had Feyntanal I took the tablet all I remember is being hot I woke up in the emergency room overdosed someone there I spoke to suggested Subutex as a better and safer alternative I am so glad I took their advice I finally have a quality of life back I do not care to get high I simply cannot stand the feeling that I feel when there is no opiates in my body this is a much better alternativeFor me I have several people that I have now that weren’t lucky enough to have found buprenorphine for some reason they lost they are pain meds and they went to the street to find some thing to stop the suffering and it was heroin for most of them which had the fentanyl in it and now many of them are dead I certainly blame the doctors for putting me on a medication that would make me suffer the way that I have it definitely is not just a mental agony it is also physical The congressman that spoke in that video if opiates or a problem and his family or he had a death of a loved one I certainly think he would be more open minded about buprenorphine if you’ve not been there you don’t understand that’s just my opinion but I feel that buprenorphine should be available to anyone that has been prescribed opiates long-term or is trying to get off of street drugs for me buprenorphine probably saved my life as I would have continued to Try to feel better than the way stopping opiates made me feel I know I rambled a lot but this is my story in a nutshell Thanks for taking the time to read it.

I’m grateful for all of your comments and appreciative of the kind words.

We got our DNA data analysis back a few hours ago. Every single one of our people tested showed increased methylation when compared to a group of people who have never taken an opioid. We now see a pathway wherein we can take a saliva sample from anyone and determine whether or not damage has occurred to their DNA by the opioids.

Having a test available will take the guess work out of the equation.

I for one am very appalled and angry by what I just heard. This could not be further from the truth, coming from someone who was trapped and poisoned by opioids for 13+years. Sure, at first it was fun and new and exciting, and I couldn’t wait until the next day to feel great euphoria all day long. I was hooked. Hooked bad by surgeries and then getting them like candy after every surgery. Then I hit the streets. They were everywhere on the streets as well. When I couldn’t find opioids, oh lord, it was the worst thing ever. I didn’t wanna go to work. I felt terrible. The effects of not having opioids when you feel you need them to even function is the worst feeling in the world. I never wanna experience again. They messed my life up so bad, I lost my government job, my new F150 truck and almost lost my house. After that I swore I would quit but it was so hard. Now that I discovered Bupeme I am so truly grateful. I would never think of going back and never trade my suboxone for fentenal or anything. I have my life back and I feel great. These people know nothing about what they are saying on this subject. Brain disease?? Are you kidding? My brain didn’t hurt Mr Dr., I was physically sick due to your poison drug. I might be on suboxone the rest of my life because of the negligence of the doctors and pharmaceutical companies. I had to share this. This video really hit a nerve with me

I know there are some people that abuse and trade their medication, that is not all of us by any means. Buprenorphine has allowed me to start to get my feet back under me and on my way to a successful life. I’m a full-time employee, student, and father who has a lot of potential. And none of this could be possible with out my medication. I do hope one day to be off of it, but I shouldn’t be made to feel less than or like a criminal because I’m seeking treatment. I really appreciate all the research you are doing, and I’m looking forward to seeing the people affected finally get justice.

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