Catecholamine Data


The art of Medicine is built upon a foundation handed down through the years. There are usual and customary ways of practice. 

Part of the foundation of Medicine is that before a mental health diagnosis is applied, that an evaluation including a physical examination and proper laboratory evaluation is preformed. This clearly did not happen in the case of what has been diagnosed as “Opioid Addiction” or “Opioid Dependency” or “Opioid Use Disorder”. 

Simply put, the proper laboratory evaluation did not occur. No one ever checked the Catecholamine levels. Smith Genetic Research is simply the first group ever to evaluate these levels in an IRB approved format and during so-called “opioid withdrawal” and due to simply stop taking the opioid. 

History will forever be asking the question of why were the Catecholamine levels never checked in an opioid abstinence withdrawal state. And, frankly, an appropriate answer will be elusive. Group Think will be discussed. An abandonment of modern Popperian Science will be discussed. But for those millions of people improperly diagnosed with a false label of a harmful and judgmental diagnosis of “Opioid Addiction”, these discussions will ring hollow. 

Here is what is clear. These people impacted by the opioids have suffered beyond anything comprehensible. Mother Nature has spent all of history ensuring that an individual never experienced the horror of a Catecholamine toxicity. But the opioids, through the damage to the DNA known as methylation, resulted in a loss of control of the internal organs known as Autonomic Dysfunction. One of the organs that is out of control during this Autonomic Dysfunction is the Adrenal Gland. It is a dysfunction within the Adrenal Gland that results in a deadly Catecholamine Surge. And a Catecholamine Surge is a known cause of cardiomyocyte necroptosis, what the layperson would know as a heart attack. 

So let’s be crystal clear now. The pharmaceutical industry pushed out a defective product onto a trusting public. The FDA was asleep at the wheel and failed to protect the public. Millions and millions of people had their DNA permanently poisoned and without their knowledge or permission. When some unknown threshold of damage is done to the DNA, then these people become violently sick when they attempt to stop taking the opioids. This sickness is a loss of control of the internal organs known as Autonomic Dysfunction. The experts abandoned the traditions of Medicine and Science and simply declared this to be a mental illness but failed to do proper testing before the mental illness diagnosis. 

 One of the organs out of control is the Adrenal Gland. The Adrenal Gland is a small organ located on top of the kidney. The Adrenal Gland manufacturers, stores, and manages the three Catecholamines- norepinephrine, epinephrine, and dopamine. These are what the layperson would know as Adrenaline. Normally, these substances are involved in the “fight or flight” response when the person is startled or threatened. The intent of these powerful molecules is to protect and preserve life. 

But when released in an out of control manner, and when released in toxic amounts, these three molecules are deadly. In high enough concentrations they cause a heart attack.  In other words, people are being killed by their own bodies. In other words, the deaths from opioid overdose is not the total death rate for this Opioid Crisis. The final number will be higher once the deaths by heart attack is tallied. 

To be killed by your own body. How terrible. And all while a safe antidote for the poisoning existed in buprenorphine. The so-called experts resulted in a great deal of death and destruction.