What is the Smith test about?

Why is this test so expensive?

What is being measured by this test?

Who developed this test?

Who should take this test?

How long before I get my results back from this test?

How did the FDA miss this side effect and that our DNA was poisoned?

What does a positive test result mean?

Is this poisoning from the opioids permanent?

Can my children be affected?

What is Epigenetic damage?

What is Methylation?

Why do I get sick when I try to stop taking the opioids?

How did the Mental Health Community get this so wrong?

What is a neurotoxicity?

What is Autonomic Dysfunction?

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When was the Methylation to the DNA caused by the opioids first discovered in humans?

What scientific evidence exists that the opioids cause the Methylation?

What is a genotoxicity?