Genetics test payments

When we paid for the first several DNA methylation tests, we paid $2500 per each test

We have worked hard to have the cost to $600. But we understand that this is still an expense. 

There are three payment options:

1). Pay in full with a debit/credit card.

2). Pay in full with PayPal Credit 

These first two options put you first in line and gets you the results the fastest.

3). Set up a payment plan .

  • You determine the amount. 
  • You determine the frequency of payments. 
  • Set up a payment plan. 

All three choices will enable you to be eligible for the Class Action Lawsuit immediately.

Thank you for your interest in taking the genetic test. You can pay the full amount of $600 or make partial payments towards the test. Please click or tap the button below to access the payment form.