Science to support that the opioids cause methylation to the DNA

If you have gotten this far into the process, it is obvious that you are serious about this. And now you were looking to arm yourself with facts, knowledge, and science. Perhaps the single most important article is this one by Dr. Moshe Szyf. The title is long and difficult. The science is dense and really intended for the experts in the field. But the main point is clear: Methylation caused by a drug to the DNA is a form of poisoning and the FDA should be checking for this
type of poisoning. This was written in 2011. We cannot make it any clearer than this. Methylation is a poisoning and should be part of the FDA process before declaring a drug to be safe.

Now that we understand that Methylation by a drug
to your DNA is a form of poisoning, let’s turn our
attention to the evidence that methylation is the
result of repetitive opioid exposure. In fact, what
the evidence is telling us is that every single dose
of an opioid causes a little bit of poisoning. Then,
when some unknown threshold is reached, and the
person attempts to stop taking the opioids, the
person becomes very sick. This sickness presents
with symptoms that are clearly a loss of control of the
organs and organ systems. This sickness is unbearable
to the individual. The only way to stop the horror is
to take another opioid. The individual is now taking
opioid after opioid just to not be sick. This nonstop
consumption of the opioids was to escape the horror
of the loss of control of the bodily functions. But the
addiction experts misinterpreted this action as being
a sign of addiction. They were wrong. The expert
saw this as a brain disease. They were wrong. The
expert said that the individual needed inpatient or
outpatient treatment for addiction. They were wrong.
This was not a brain disease. This was a poisoning
to the DNA. Let’s look now at some of the scientific evidence. Let’s begin by breaking the DNA
evidence into three categories: